Ideal Protein

Ideal Protein is a medically developed, methodical, weight loss protocol designed by Dr. Tran Tien Chanh, MD, Ph.D., over 20 years ago.

Ideal Protein empowers dieters with the knowledge to translate their initial weight loss into lifestyle changes needed to sustain better weight management. Our weight loss method is geared towards those who want to reach and maintain improved well-being by primarily reducing body fat and supporting muscle mass. Others will want to have food delivered to their house to help them every step of the way with their weight loss, you can check out the best meal delivery for weight loss to see if it will suit your weight loss needs.

The program is an effective short-term weight loss plan with a beginning, middle, and end. Ideal Protein offers the following benefits:

  • Learn the relationship between dietary choices and cellulite formation;
  • Losing weight can improve blood sugar levels;
  • One-on-one weekly coaching to educate and motivate you;
  • Nutritional education to help you modify your lifestyle and help you maintain your new body weight;
  • Structured weight loss.

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method is a 4-phase protocol that burns fat while supporting muscle and other lean tissue. In addition to losing weight, dieters also receive the knowledge to keep their lost pounds off after dieting. After completing all 4-phases of the program you will have learned:

  • How calories are burned;
  • What calories consumption means;
  • Which foods are best suited to stable weight management;
  • When, why, and in what combination to eat carbohydrates, fats, and proteins;
  • What their impact is on your body;
  • Why exercise is important to the functioning of the body;
  • And much more!

If you are interested in the Ideal Protein protocol, or have any questions, please contact a clinic today!