Wellness Programs

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What changes behaviour is good old fashioned high-quality coaching. And that is exactly what AIM Health Group provides. We utilize health coaches to create a personal action plan for every participant. At AIM Health Group we provide a high-quality coaching experience every time, to your entire population, and to support your existing coaching.

A good coaching session begins with an in-depth consultation and assessment. Our coaches get to know you and ask questions about your personal situation, your motivation to deal with health issues, your self-confidence, and what you perceive to be barriers to your success. We know that some of our clients will want to use alternative therapies alongside ours, whether it be for pain relief, depression or anxiety. Many people try using CBD Oil as a treatment for the aforementioned problems. Others may try to use medical marijuana that has been prescribed by their doctor and filled within the state that they live in. This could mean they would get a $20 medical card online around the same time they start with us so they can hit their recovery and treatment with full force. Why do people use marijuana to aid their recovery? Well, the most psychedelic strains have been found to be effective at reducing the severity of the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Always consult a medical professional first before embarking on any treatment so you know that you are going for the right fit.