What to Expect

What to Expect During Your First Visit

Post-offer (pre-placement) screening programs are designed to ensure that new employees are physically capable of performing the job that they have been hired for. The screening program tests the employee for physical capabilities based on the requirements dictated in the Physical Demands Analysis. The screening program may include hearing and vision testing.

In some instances, a drug test may be conducted by the employer through a certified drug testing/screening business that specialize in this area to help employers and businesses be assured of their employees. This is standard in most businesses, purely through protection on both sides, getting the best out of employees and knowing that their business is in capable hands is important, this can also show the employee that they are going into a sector that is careful and professional, who cares about what they are putting out to the public. If you are about to work for a New York based company, there may be a drug testing Yonkers NY service used, such as health-street.net.