AIM operates a growing list of community-based infusion centres that provide infusions and subcutaneous injections to thousands of patients in 35 clinics in Ontario and Quebec. These professionally-run clinics are convenient, comfortable, clean and safe and offer an alternative to visiting a hospital.

AIM community infusion clinics: features and benefits

  • Minimum disruption to daily routine since clinics are located within the community
  • Greater scheduling flexibility
  • Easy access via public transportation
  • Comfortable environment with multimedia entertainment, newspapers and magazines
  • Professional, friendly staff with on-site physicians
  • Evening and weekend treatment options

What infusion / injection therapies are offered at AIM sites:

  • Remicade®
  • N-Plate®
  • Vectibix®
  • Simponi®
  • Stelara®
  • Benlysta®
  • Gilenya®
  • Prolastin C®

What types of patients have REMICADE infusions administered at our clinics?

  • Patients with moderate to severe Crohn’s Disease
  • People needing help in healing fistulas
  • Patients with active ankylosing spondylitis
  • Those with moderate to severe psoriasis
  • People with rheumatoid arthritis
  • People suffering from ulcerative colitis
  • Those with a low platelet count
  • Colorectal cancer

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