Kitchener Physiotherapy Sarah Radovic

Sarah Radovic

Sarah Radovic is an internationally trained physiotherapist who graduated with her Bachelor of Health Science degree in Physiotherapy in 2001 from Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand. Her degree held a strong manual therapy component with training received in techniques and theories developed by Maitland, Kaltenborn, Mulligan and McKenzie, whereas an eclectic approach was encouraged. Training within this degree also included anatomical acupuncture.

Since graduating Sarah has worked as a physiotherapist in New Zealand, United Kingdom and more recently Canada. In 2004 after working in a wide variety of settings including pediatrics, geriatrics, acute hospital and continuing care facilities, Sarah chose to practice in orthopedics private practice and has since taken and continues to enroll in a number of post graduate courses to enhance and develop her assessment and treatment skills in this setting such as:

  • Advanced Lumbo-Pelvic course – APTEI March 2012
  • Acupuncture and Dry Needling certification – APTEI Feb 2012 – ongoing
  • Mulligans Course Lower Quadrant Winter 2009
  • Mulligans Course Upper Quadrant Spring 2008
  • Sacroiliac Dysfunctions Part One APTEI May 2009
  • Knee Complex APTEI April 2009
  • Lumbar Neuromuscular Retraining – APTEI April 2009
  • Low-intensity LASER Therapy – 2008
  • Articular Dysfunctions of the Lumbar Spine – APTEI Fall 2007
  • Joint Dysfunctions of the Hip – APTEI weekend course Fall 2007
  • Tempromandibular Joint Dysfunction; Assessment and Treatment – weekend course 2007
  • Scoliosis assessment and new approach to restorative treatment – teleconference seminar 2007
  • Occupational injuries; rehabilitation and outcome measures – teleconference seminar 2007
  • Orthopaedics in the paediatric patient through self guided study/research with case studies – in particular Ehlers Danlos syndrome, Torticollis, Hypermobility syndromes – 2006
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation – weekend course 2006
  • Mechanics of Breathing and Core Stability – Journal Club Review 2006
  • Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction Rehabilitation – in-service training 2005
  • Physiotherapy Rehabilitation in the Brain Injured Patient – in-service training 2004
  • Bio-mechanics of the Foot/Ankle – weekend course, London, UK, Sept 2002
  • Acupuncture Elective – Undergraduate degree credits, 2001

Future courses of interest include becoming credentialed in the Mckenzie method.

As per the new legislation and rostering system with the Physiotherapy College of Ontario, Sarah is rostered to deliver both acupuncture and joint manipulation. Sarah really enjoys her job as a physiotherapist so if you’re interested in a career in this field, you can find more information here.

Sarah also from time to time delivers workshops at the LA Fitness Club to the public in pertinent topics, such as ‘The Importance of Breathing – The Correct Way!’, ‘Incontinence – Exercises That No One Talks About‘ , ‘Safety Tips in the Gym and How to Workout Despite Being Injured‘.