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AIM Health Group Medical, Health and Wellness Clinics

AIM is a leading Canadian health care services provider helping you embrace your health!  Incorporated in 1990, AIM provides health care consumers with an entire continuum of care at facilities across Ontario.

At AIM we believe in empowering and motivating all to live long, happy, healthy lives. Our dedicated teams help you to be proactive and make healthy lifestyle choices and provide you with the wellness solutions to Embrace Your Health!

AIM Health Group AIM Health Group
AIM Health Group Ontario medical clinics

Medical Services

AIM Medical Clinics are one of Canada's leading providers of multidisciplinary services and span across Ontario. Our dedicated doctors specialize in ...

•  Family Physician/Walk-in Physician
•  Pain Management
•  Pediatrics
•  Endocrinology
•  Obstetrics Gynecology
•  Orthopaedic
•  Psychology
•  Rheumatology
•  Sports Medicine and more!

AIM Health Group Ontario injury and pain rehabilitation clinics

Rehabilitation Services & Programs

AIM Rehab Services and Programs are one of Canada's leading providers of multidisciplinary services specializing in the assessment and treatment of injury and pain.

•  Chiropractic Care
•  Physiotherapy
•  Massage Therapy
•  Naturopathic Medicine
•  MVA Rehabilitation
•  Work Hardening – Conditioning
•  Wellness Programs
•  WSIB – Return to Work
•  Pain Management and more!

Aim Health Group Careers – Join the team today!


Join the AIM team today! If you want to be part of a successful and growing organization that fosters excellence - contact us today! We have opportunities available for ...

•  Family Physician/Walk-in Physician
•  Pain Management
•  Nurses
•  Chiropractors
•  Physiotherapists
•  Hospitalists
•  Emergency Physicians
•  Internal Medicine Specialists
•  Non-Health Care Professionals